Best of both worlds nano cellulose may reduce the

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Have the best of both worlds: nano cellulose may reduce the use of plastics and metals.

nano cellulose is a kind of high-tech engineering material with plant fiber as raw material, which needs to be installed effectively. These materials can be selected according to different products or the provisions of existing product standards to improve the strength of paper and paperboard and the barrier properties of medium density fiberboard gb/t11718 ⑴ 999. In some applications, the demand for metal foil and plastic may be reduced. For details, please see the figure of tekni plex in MEDTEC exhibition 1. Please refer to nano cellulose: packaging application and market analysis. The following are some examples of materials:

nano microcrystalline cellulose (CNC)

cellulose microfibril (CNF)

microfibrillated cellulose (MFC)

cellulose fiber (CF)

different forms of nano microcrystalline cellulose, cellulose microfibril and microfibrillated cellulose

special research report launched by fastmarkets risi and emerging materials expert Jack Miller - "nano cellulose: packaging application and market analysis", Bring you the most comprehensive data and in-depth analysis in the field of nano cellulose

analyze the current situation and development direction of the industry:

• forecast of future quantity and pricing

• overview of packaging uses of key materials such as nano microcrystalline cellulose, cellulose microfibrils and microfibrillated cellulose

• overview of top enterprises in the industry, and provide detailed information on investment and projects

• opinions of leaders in the nano cellulose industry

conduct in-depth analysis and explore the operable applications of nano cellulose, These include:

packaging bags, packaging paper and special packaging paper

potential combinations with plastic, metal and glass

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