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Liebherr mixing plant - effective practice of adjusting measures to local conditions

Liebherr mixing plant - effective practice of adjusting measures to local conditions

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Liebherr B vertical concrete mixing plants with different methods of load measurement have been successfully applied for many years all over the world. Its modular design concept can be flexibly planned in response to the special requirements of users. Thus, numerous design schemes have been derived - from productivity to diversity of concrete products, which can be tailored to achieve its efficient operability

Liaoning Yuxi new building materials Co., Ltd. chose Liebherr mixing plant twice because it valued its flexibility and efficiency

prospect of the horizontal tensile testing machine mixing plant produced by Liebherr our company

adjust measures to local conditions and save energy consumption

the second Liebherr mixing plant purchased by Liaoning Yufu is located in Huludao City, Liaoning Province. Users have their own sand and gravel plant locally, which provides sufficient material sources and production possibilities for the mixing plant. However, the land for nearby stations is very limited. Liebherr therefore proposed a three-story structure with a double floor design showing special texture through original technology - a three-dimensional integration of four sets of 3.0 units, dispatching room and office. This compact design can significantly save heat energy during winter construction

appearance of the mixing plant

the aggregate plant transports materials to the sufficient storage silo of the mixing plant through the belt. The one-stop production line from raw materials to finished products ensures the continuity of production to the greatest extent. It is worth mentioning that the aggregate falls directly into the conveyor belt, eliminating the use of loaders. Together with the driver's labor, fuel consumption, maintenance and other calculations, the average production of each cubic meter of concrete can directly save 2 yuan. In other words, for every 1million cubic meters of concrete produced, the profit can be increased by 2million yuan


tailored, flexible and efficient

with the development of construction, concrete technology and quality are facing higher requirements. When the standard tensile specimen is in the tensile state, it can be processed into concrete with high strength and good fluidity by installing extensometer or sticking strain gauge on it to improve the working performance of concrete and using less cement. It is widely used in high strength and high performance concrete

Liaoning Yuyao is well versed in the diversified and sustainable development, and puts forward the production requirements of the wrapping process

sufficient consideration should be taken between the realization of the productivity of the process and the guarantee of the commercial mix productivity. Firstly, the feeding mode of the mixing plant naturally avoids the loss of time and energy in the secondary feeding of the mixing plant through the belt. In addition, Liebherr has specially designed a double aggregate scale, which can be batched at the same time to improve the productivity of the slurry wrapping process and meet the needs of ordinary commercial concrete production. Maximize the unification of the two

control room

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