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On May 26, after more than two hours of careful review by the expert group, Luo Zhengyu, a postdoctoral researcher at Zoomlion postdoctoral research station and Peking University Philosophy postdoctoral mobile station, successfully passed the review and became the first postdoctoral in corporate culture to leave Zoomlion postdoctoral work station

keep the laboratory machine clean every day

Dr. luozhengyu entered Zoomlion's postdoctoral research workstation in July, 2002, and selected enterprise cultural management as his postdoctoral research topic. The evaluation team composed of experts and professors from Zoomlion, Peking University, Hunan Normal University and Changsha University of technology believes that Dr. Luo Zhengyu has made fruitful scientific research achievements and outstanding achievements during his work at the workstation by integrating theory with practice and daring to practice. He has published many academic papers and was rated as a researcher, which fully reflects his solid theoretical foundation, strong scientific research ability and good professional quality, They agreed to rate their work performance as excellent

zhanchunxin, member of the review team and chairman of the company, believes that Dr. luozhengyu's research topic is very suitable for the actual situation of Zoomlion. During his two years at the station, he helped Zoomlion make remarkable achievements in the construction of corporate culture, especially the refinement of the core concept of Zoomlion corporate culture - "sincerity and creativity are enough to support the birth of a start-up company. Bohou automatic diagnosis: regularly check the measurement system and drive system for overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature", To a certain extent, the brand of the experimental machine is an embodiment of the product market and product quality, which has improved Zoomlion's corporate culture construction by many levels

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