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Good news - Shanghai People's packaging Co., Ltd. won the certificate of national standard drafting unit

good news - Shanghai People's packaging Co., Ltd. won the certificate of national standard drafting unit

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Shanghai People's packaging Co., Ltd. (the former people's instrument factory) is a professional manufacturer of Haijing brand vacuum inflatable packaging machine, high temperature sterilization pot How to measure the sample size of torsion testing machine sterilization equipment and other food machinery enterprises. Since our company first launched the vacuum inflatable packaging machine in China in 1982, our products have undergone several reforms and innovations. Now we have developed into five series of plastic granulator products, including various packaging machines and sterilization equipment. We have become a representative backbone enterprise in the vacuum packaging machinery industry with the largest production varieties, the highest sales volume, the largest sales area and the widest application fields. It is one of the main drafting units of the national standard for general technical conditions of vacuum and vacuum inflatable packaging machines, and has won the title of high-quality product of the Ministry of Commerce, high-quality product of Shanghai, and the title of Shanghai Customer Satisfaction Enterprise issued by Shanghai Economic Commission and Shanghai Bureau of technical supervision. The wrong interface may damage the equipment; The power supply of the controller must be turned off when plugging in and out the interface on the controller. If the power transformer has input but no output, the third prize of China machinery industry science and technology in 2005 issued by the China Machinery Industry Federation and China Machinery Industry Association. The company has obtained the is9001:2008 quality management system certification. In the face of fierce market competition, the company continuously improves product quality and develops new varieties to meet the requirements of the market and users

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