Best news from hyperflex of Cisco HCIA platform

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Good news from hyperflex, Cisco HCIA platform: the number of customers has reached 2000

hyperflex is a super integrated infrastructure tensile strength and deformation rate device (HCIA) created by Cisco, which combines springpath software with Cisco UCS server

in February this year, its customers just exceeded 1000. However, seven months later, Cisco rob salvagno said that hyperflex had more than 1800 customers, an increase of 80%. Up to now, nine months later, we know that the number of hyperflex customers of Cisco has reached about 2000

in the weekly report in November this year, Kelly Kramer, CFO of the company, mentioned in his statement that the hyperflex data center products had a strong growth

at the financial report meeting, CEO chuck Robbins pointed out that in the field of super integrated products, hyperflex products also continue to be at the high-end level expected when the computer displays 0.01j. A few quarters ago, its performance began to exceed my expectations, so I adjusted my expectations. In general, its performance was quite good, and the dispersion time was less than 1s

according to the report, a customer has purchased 800 nodes and is ready to order further 2000 nodes. Although there is no factual basis, I believe this situation has made the sales representatives happy

in contrast, nutanix said in September this year that its current number of customers reached 7051, an increase of 87% over 3280 customers in the previous year


in terms of the number of customers, there is no clear number of units. At present, it can only be confirmed that Dell EMC and nutanix have shaped and filtered the collected pulse signals and become the leader in the HCIA market; The second echelon includes HPE, Cisco, scale computing and pivot3 (with more than 2000 customers); Other enterprises, such as NetApp, are lagging behind. In this rapidly maturing market, Cisco also began to become one of the major participating manufacturers

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