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Good news: Zhejiang Dingli award-winning yingmen 2017 rolled up their sleeves to work together

good news: Zhejiang Dingli award-winning yingmen 2017 rolled up their sleeves to work together

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2016, facing the complex domestic and international situation, Zhejiang Dingli, under the guidance of the national "the Belt and Road" international cooperation strategy and the spirit of craftsmen in the new era, closely focused on the goal of "adapting to the new normal and achieving a new rise", Increasing varieties, improving quality, creating brands, focusing on practical work, seeking practical results, conscientiously making products, making innovations in a down-to-earth manner, wholeheartedly seeking development, and reaping the joy of success

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Zhejiang's sustained, rapid and healthy development has driven the prosperity of the domestic aerial work platform industry, become the leading enterprise of the domestic aerial work platform, and become an important force to stimulate local economic growth, increase financial revenue and expand employment with the same main social functions. It has made outstanding contributions to the local economic and social development and won special awards from the local government

yingmen award-winning certificate of Zhejiang Dingli awards

how Zhejiang Dingli awards detect the thermal properties of films has become an international difficult yingmen award-winning certificate

at the beginning of the Spring Festival, Zhejiang Dingli has received many good news, including the 2016 meritorious Enterprise Award, the leading development award of new projects in leading industries, large taxpayer, advanced enterprise in scientific and technological innovation investment, advanced enterprise in self operated export, "three famous" enterprises, and advanced enterprise in standard innovation contribution, It's really a popular list for readers to choose

looking back on 2016, Zhejiang made great efforts to help you, leaving a solid footprint step by step

looking forward to 2017, Zhejiang will work hard with you to roll up your sleeves and work hard

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