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The global launching ceremony of Huawei mate8 helped Huawei mate8 embark on the smart life was opened at the Shanghai WorldExpo center. This is the first time that Huawei has chosen to adopt the hydraulic loading system for the domestic manhole cover pressure testing machine in the world. As a strategic partner of Huawei mate8 products, No. Pepsi was invited to attend

picture keywords Chinatelecom, as a strategic partner of Huawei mate8 products, in addition to cooperation in customized machines and channels, its number PepsiCo outputs various number based service capabilities for mate 8, including incoming and outgoing TV shows, call records, fixed line number recognition, etc., to help mate8 embark on the journey of Smart Life

as an important product form of the cooperation between number MasterCard and Huawei mate8, the coming and going show can comprehensively display the logo, merchant name and other comprehensive service information of enterprise merchants, and bring users the most perfect interpretation of the number MasterCard number ability at the moment of dialing out or answering

the recognition ability of call records and fixed lines has been accurately demonstrated in mate8, and the recognition amount of fixed lines is comprehensive and accurate. It is believed that after the number PepsiCo number recognition ability is embedded in mate8, users will eliminate their doubts about the fixed line source. Building, home and industrial control technology

as the number of choice for Huawei mate8, number one is a partner of jg149 ⑵ 003 external thermal insulation system for thin plastered exterior wall with expanded polystyrene board. It is precisely based on the authoritative position of number one in number resources and its resource advantages in mobile terminals and marketing channels:

65million government and enterprise merchants. The number information basically covers the users of three major operators. Every day, it increases The real-time updated information such as deletion, modification and relocation reached 1million

600million number records, and nearly 150million fixed users of Chinatelecom

more than 200million number searches per day

the number capability cooperation between number PepsiCo and Huawei mate8 marks the beginning of win-win cooperation between the two sides. The two sides will start more comprehensive strategic cooperation in yellow pages, o2o and other aspects; At the same time, number PepsiCo will join hands with the trusted number information service alliance at home and the Asian yellow page alliance and the world yellow page alliance overseas to help Huawei explore the road of globalization

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