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Good news! Huatong electromechanical Co., Ltd. won the provincial award

recently, the 2019 Zhejiang excellent quality management team results presentation organized by Zhejiang Machinery Industry Federation was grandly held in Jiaxing City. The representative team of Huatong electromechanical Co., Ltd. achieved good results at the presentation meeting. The topic "reducing the return rate of cfc/95 contactor products" published by the idea QC team of the electrical branch stood out from 85 excellent QC achievements in the machinery industry of the province and won the first prize

at the presentation meeting, the representative team of Huatong electromechanical Co., Ltd. made a wonderful report on the subject of "reducing cfc/95 contactors from disorderly competition and processing the results and the return rate of printed products", which fully demonstrated the style of Huatong employees. As the QC achievements are particularly outstanding, they are of great value to the improvement of product quality, the improvement of enterprise quality management level and the increase of economic benefits. In the end, it won the unanimous praise of the judges, left a deep impression on the participants, and won the crown without any suspense

during the activity, the idea QC team has always been active in the front line of the workshop, carried out according to the PDCA cycle, carefully selected topics, conducted on-site investigation, reasonably set goals, analyzed the main causes, formulated and implemented countermeasures, and confirmed the results, so as to form excellent QC results of the topic "reducing the return rate of cfc/95 products". The implementation of this activity has greatly driven and stimulated the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of front-line workers, promoted the development of the mass quality activities of the enterprise towards value driven growth and change due to the decline of performance, and laid a solid foundation for the casting of quality brands. (Xu Gang, Liu Ling)

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