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Small houses are widely liked and loved by everyone. For families with Limited decoration budget, it is not easy to decorate small houses with a new scene, which is not crowded and can make room for other homes. Therefore, we must pay attention to some problems when designing small houses

small houses are most popular with young people, so they must be fashionable and avant-garde in decoration, and follow the trend. However, one of the major disadvantages of small houses is the small space! In order to make full use of space and make the best use of everything, you must need these

six necessary decoration tips for small houses

1. Set the wall as a shelf

2. Place the storage cabinet in the space above the head

3. Transform the balcony/concave convex position into a cloakroom

4. Increase the level, and make full use of the height drop to make high and low cabinets

5. Design the appropriate storage space according to the size and shape of items

6. Connect the cabinet to the dining table

[taboo for small house decoration] style and color avoid three &ld quo; Blindly &rdquo

1. Blind simplicity style

is simplicity the best style for small houses? Not really. Small apartment space can well express the modern decoration style, but the simple decoration style also has high requirements for the performance and quality of living materials, otherwise it will look low-grade. Blindly decorating a simple style cabin will turn pale if it is not well controlled

2. Blind use of dark walls

dark colors have the effect of weakening the size of space, so many people like to use dark colors on a large area of the wall to show depth, but the large use of dark colors, especially gray colors, in small house types will conversely make people feel squeezed, but in their hearts, they will feel that the space has shrunk

3. Blind bright colors

generally speaking, bright colors can make the space appear open and bright, but the use of large-area bright color system for small houses is straightforward, which allows people to have a glance at small houses, and all living habits become open, which is obviously inappropriate and easy to be visually tired

[taboo of small house decoration] avoid three “ Too &rdquo

1. The storage and utilization are too full

the area of small houses is limited. Full storage can save space and extend vision, but the use of space should be reasonable and moderate. Excessive storage will only make the space more dense and crowded, making people feel depressed

2. The regional division is too strong

there are not many small apartment spaces, and emphasizing the regional division will make each area in the space more narrow. In order to highlight the sense of region, many people will divide the region with different materials and heights, resulting in “ Cloister ” Phenomenon, hindering vision and wasting space

3. Too few sockets

although the house type is small, the needs of daily life will not be reduced. Especially, the small house type is mostly occupied by small families or young wage earners, and the demand for power distribution is even greater. If there are too few reserved switch interfaces during decoration, it will cause a lot of inconvenience to subsequent rework and daily life

[taboo for decoration of small houses] avoid three “ Not &rdquo

1. It is not easy to dismantle and change the space

the structure of small house decoration is generally more complex, and it is not easy to dismantle the bearing wall, air duct and flue, or make changes to drainage, electricity and gas. Doing so will cause joints and cracks at least, and will affect the load-bearing structure of the whole building and shorten the service life

2. Hard partitions should not be used

hard partitions should not be used in the decoration of small houses. On the one hand, it will increase the difficulty of the project, on the other hand, the strict boundaries and hard partitions of the space, and the space occupied by itself will narrow the space

3. It is not suitable to make complex ceilings

most of the decorated rooms of small houses are short. If the shape of the ceiling is too regular, it will make the spatial sense of the ceiling too strong. If we are a designer of complex ceilings just to raise the cost, our owners can directly remove it

[taboo for small house decoration] avoid three “ Avoid &rdquo

1. Avoid stacking large pieces of furniture in a centralized manner

owners usually buy large pieces of comfortable furniture when their heads are hot, but obviously large pieces of furniture are not suitable for small houses. In addition to large volume and large space, it is more important that it is inconvenient to move and place, and small houses are more cramped

2. It is most forbidden to use the mirror blindly to create a sense of permeability

the mirror is widely used in a narrow space because of its reflection on the reference, but the rational use of the mirror is not a small problem, too much will make people feel dizzy

3. Do not shoot too many lights. The pursuit of beautiful lights does not mean that you can shoot lights at will. Too many lights accumulate heat in small houses, causing high temperatures in a short time, which is easy to ignite; On the other hand, the sense of regional boundary of small houses is not strong, which virtually causes great difficulties in the selection and use of lamps and lanterns. People often put only one or several main lights, which is too monotonous

summary: the above are the six necessary decoration tips and taboos for small houses introduced by Xiaobian. Do you know? I hope I can help you effectively. Please pay attention to more information





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