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Italian modern living room brand furniture Baxter furniture - Italian home

in recent years, Baxter has formed an important team together with paolanavone, one of the top Italian designers. In view of its open management, Baxter has begun to cooperate with the prestigious art design room. It can be said that Baxter is the best model to embody "contemporary neoclassicism", highlighting unconventional ideas and endless creativity. The soft color and comfortable shape truly restore the natural charm of precious leather materials such as Tuscan leather, horse leather, deer leather, etc

Italian modern living room combination sofa

chester moon living room double sofa

baxter is an imported furniture brand with "leather" as the only raw material. This total quality management strategy runs through the whole industrial production steps and guides the deepening of its professional direction. Baxter ensures that the best leather materials are selected, and its positioning is to make the most luxurious handmade art furniture in the world, so every product of Baxter is more like a work of art worth collecting and owning

miami living room L-shaped sofa corner sofa

bardot modern living room three person sofa

gorgeous and magnificent palace style decoration is no longer preferred by modern people. Such decoration is more suitable for hotels and clubs. If private villas and residences are like this, naturally there is less warmth and more local tyrants

Italian modern living room imperial concubine chair single chair

como modern bedroom double bed

looking at Baxter furniture, this color system may be too simple in the eyes of ordinary people, but it is these seemingly ordinary but extraordinary furniture that can really be called low-key luxury

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