These fatal mistakes in decoration must not be mad

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Buying a house is not easy, and decoration is the most prudent thing for a family. See more, ask more and learn more before decoration. Never decorate the house as soon as it comes down. If you don't think enough, you may not achieve the effect you want in the end. Don't make the following eight fatal decoration mistakes. Each one is troublesome to death

1. Never buy an upward lampshade. I bought an upward lampshade in my living room. It's easy to accumulate dust, and it often attracts small mosquitoes. Cleaning is really troublesome

2. Concealed works and waterproofing are the key basic works in home decoration. They are not too difficult in technology, but they must be done well. In case of water leakage, electric leakage will not only hurt money, it is unsafe, and it may even involve wrangling with downstairs neighbors

3. Three hole + two hole socket is the most unscientific socket. It's best to choose two sockets that are staggered. Many people say it's a scientific design, afraid of being unable to afford the load. In fact, it's no problem to use small household appliances, not with air conditioning

4. I just bought the white ceramic tile caulking agent in the market. Later, I found that these cracks are getting darker and darker. I can't wipe them off anyway. It really affects the beauty. It is suggested to add a little color to the original jointing agent and blend it into a color close to the ceramic tile or a darker color, which is not easy to get dirty

5. A baffle should be made under the cabinet

many people make it into a hanging type. They are afraid of moisture and mildew below. If they do not directly contact the ground, the things in the cabinet can be preserved. However, the disadvantage of this hanging type is that it is not easy to clean, and some kitchen garbage falls to the ground and is accidentally kicked under the cabinet. If you don't pay attention to cleaning at ordinary times, things are easy to stink, which is too unsanitary

6. You should buy expensive switches and hardware at home. If the cheap ones fail to meet the quality standards, there will be constant trouble behind them. 50% of the switches and sockets in the small market are fake, and the fake products sold online are rampant. Therefore, it is suggested that you must go to a regular monopoly store to buy these things

7. Many people see that those who shop tiles for their homes on the Internet also shop in the whole house. In fact, the north is OK, but the south must not. Winter is really cold

8. Don't buy a double tank for the sink. It's best to use a large single tank. Bring a water filtering basket. One of my double tanks has been idle, and the other can't wash the pot. I regret it. The faucet can bring a pull-out one, which is particularly convenient to clean the sink

9. Ceiling can not be done as far as possible, it can be simple

if the room is not high, don't make the ceiling. After finishing it, you will find it very uncomfortable. The whole room becomes very depressed. At the same time, the sanitation of the ceiling is not easy to clean. With a long time, the whole room becomes very easy to dust

10. Don't smash the wall of the house when decorating: the load-bearing wall must not move. Hollow brick wall of brick concrete structure can be smashed, and clay brick wall with thickness less than 240mm can be smashed. The simple identification method is to look at the plan when you buy a house. If the wall is painted with solid lines, you can't move it. If it is represented by white frames, you can consider smashing it

11. Open cabinet less care

many people like to make cabinets in the study, and the restaurant must make wine cabinets, which will be very practical, but it is recommended not to make too many open partitions, ordinary glass doors are good, and the design of this kind of lattice in my home, which is difficult to clean, so I regret it

12. It is best to have a floor drain in both dry and wet areas in the bathroom, because wet areas generally have water retaining strips, and the water in only one dry area cannot be drained

13. It is suggested to make a partition between the balcony and the living room. The glass material of the sliding door will not affect the light. It has good heat preservation in winter, and without the partition, the clothes hanging at a glance are particularly ugly. My sliding door is installed at the back





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