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(camellus, high-end villa outdoor building materials) as one of the traditional architectural arts in China, the design of the pavilion has become an architectural structure that people have fallen in love with for a considerable period of time, and can become a model in ancient architectural art. It is also a treasure in architectural art

and aluminum alloy Pavilion It can also be used as a gift of love. June 18 is father's day. In order to express their filial love for their parents, two brothers from a village in a town donated more than 50000 yuan to build an aluminum alloy pavilion to facilitate the elderly in the village to rest and celebrate father's day in a different way

a village is a village with hundreds of villagers. There are more than 100 elderly people over 60 years old in the village. Usually, the elderly sit on stone benches, but when it rains, the elderly have no place to sit. Therefore, the two brothers who have made great achievements in Entrepreneurship abroad decided to build a "Shanle Pavilion" for the elderly in the village. The construction of this pavilion started a week ago, and the main structure is made of corrosion-resistant and durable aluminum alloy. With more than 20 workers, it was completed and put into use on father's day

on the village fitness square, some enthusiastic villagers spontaneously came to hang the lottery for the completion of the "Shanle Pavilion", thanking the brothers. "This is also a gift for the elderly on father's day." For the "Shanle Pavilion" to be put into use on father's day, this is also a little filial piety of their brothers to their parents in the village

aluminum alloy Pavilion On the one hand, it is used to decorate the garden space and improve the environmental level. The pavilion is not only a place for people to rest, enjoy the cool and shelter from the rain, overlook the distant scenery and other needs, but also an important point view building in the garden. It decorates the garden space, improves the environmental level, and has a reasonable layout. The whole garden is lively, which plays a role in adding to the point view





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