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Focusing on quality is the way for enterprises to succeed. Instead of making excuses for failure, we should get up in the place of failure and find ways for the next success. This is the business philosophy of successful enterprises

create perfect products professionally. Only with qualified technology can we produce first-class products

"don't find reasons for failure, find methods for success!" On September 3, oupai wooden door paint baking door business department launched a door leaf polishing post skill competition in the company's door leaf polishing workshop, which attracted 20 contestants to participate in this competition, The person in charge of paint in the new area of the baking paint business department said: "the quality standard of the company is very clear, and most employees are also very clear, but the most important thing is to combine theory with practice. By organizing competitions fairly and fairly, pursuing 'quality first and speed second', we will select European polishing experts, and encourage more European people to become experts, constantly improve and make common progress!"

at 10:30 a.m., all contestants and cheerleaders gathered together and listened carefully to the competition requirements and relevant regulations read out by the host. Not only did everyone register enthusiastically, but the scene was extremely hot. With the host's "start of the competition", all contestants began to polish the door leaves skillfully, focusing on their real skills. Cheerleaders shouted "come on", especially when the contestants completed the task one after another, and the "come on" came one after another

this competition takes the grinding quality and the overall time as the basis for scoring. After all contestants complete the task, the quality inspectors carefully check in front of each door leaf to judge the qualified degree of door leaf polishing. After fierce competition, Su Degang, Yu Jianhua and Jiang Zhengshui performed well and won the first, second and third prizes respectively. The company's leader, Mr. Lu, etc. presented awards to them. Jiang Huamin, Yang Lijun, Liao Shuiqing, Fu Qingwen, Xu tucai, Chen Jun and Wu Jianlong also made remarkable achievements, ranking in the top ten

the polishing of door leaves is similar to the polishing of life. Concentrate on polishing and achieve professional life! "Europay's culture is a family culture. In life, everyone is a family; in work, everyone should strive to become an expert. Europay's goal is to become a global expert in wood door manufacturing. The realization of this goal requires the joint efforts of all europay." Lu Zong, the leader of the company, said, "we should pay equal attention to the output and quality of our products. At the same time, the quality of our products is made, not checked out. If we can combine theory (written quality standards) with practice (daily actual operation), the direct pass rate of our products can at least reach more than 95%. Through the continuity and progressiveness of the competition, European people can constantly learn and improve themselves, so as to achieve common progress."

we make progress together and focus on "polishing", which is the premise of europay's quality assurance. Having professional employees is the premise of europay's success. Through this competition, europay has improved the strength of the overall staff, so that they can more focus on the improvement of technology in their future work and strive to create better europay products





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