Design drawing of bright background wall

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Appropriate color matching can add icing on the cake for home decoration. The design of the background wall is like choosing suitable clothes for different corners of life, so that we have the most beautiful and exquisite living atmosphere. The combination of beautiful colors makes life more lively and interesting. Take a look at these background wall designs collected by Xiaobian. Do you think they look good

background wall decoration design drawing

if green is a color that makes people feel calm inside, then yellow is the representative of warmth. The combination of these two colors can make us feel a little warm in freshness and add comfort to life. The TV background wall adopts green design, the white shelves add freshness, the small windows on the left and right sides add natural gas, and even the curtains are designed with green flowers on a white background. The decoration of the whole small house shows a vibrant atmosphere. Recommended reading: creative background wall design drawing to get rid of monotonous life

background wall decoration design drawing

orange occupies most of the space in the background wall design of the living room, and also uses bright colors to inject strong warmth and passion into the decoration of the whole small house, giving us the most direct visual impact. In order to reconcile this strong color, the rest of the background wall design chose a neutral light brown. When orange red and light brown are matched together, they will not appear abrupt at all. Instead, the two colors with strong contrast between light and shade create a harmonious spark, making the whole decoration design warm and quiet

background wall decoration design drawing

the background wall design integrating yellow and green blends the latest vision. In fact, from the overall decoration effect, the whole decoration design drawing is relatively simple, but it adds a lot of points because of the choice of beautiful colors, glowing with different charm. The harmony of dark green and yellow orange is just right. With the addition of solid wood flooring and furniture, the simplicity is mixed with natural flavor




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